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NUFS Workshop 2018 is officially supported by Education Boards of Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka.
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次回のワークショップ Next Workshop

日時 Date/Time 2018年9月15日(土)September 15, 2018
10:30-12:00, 13:00-14:30
場所 Venue NSCカレッジ NSC College
南館31教室(詳細地図はここ Detailed map is here.)
講師 Instructor Brad Deacon (南山大学 Nanzan University)
タイトル/概要 Title, abstract "Tools for Active Learning in the EFL Classroom"

Are you a teacher looking for ways to brush up your teaching skills, motivate your students more, and recharge your batteries with like-minded colleagues? If so, then this workshop on Active Learning (AL) is for you.
Bonwell and Eison (1991) have defined AL as “anything that involves students in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing” (p. 2). How specifically teachers create AL opportunities in their classes, though, needs to be understood in greater detail, as it has been shown that teachers frequently struggle to cohesively integrate their methodologies, content, and goals within an AL approach to teaching and learning (Nishikawa, 2015).
In the first part of our workshop, we will look at what AL is, why it is important, and how to add several new tools to our teaching toolbox to help our students to learn more actively. Specifically, we will practice ways to involve our students more in AL processes that span the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, we will visit ways that students can become more active through activating their agency, curiosity, critical thinking, dialogue, and bodies to develop more interactive competence.
In the second part of our workshop, we will continue to explore AL through reflecting on the results of a mixed methods research project that was conducted by the presenter in which university students express their preferences for more AL in their classes, particularly in lectures. Students overwhelmingly reported their desire to have more active classes rather than just having conventional teacher-centered 90-minute lectures. We will then consider more practical ways for teachers to involve their students more actively even within traditional contexts such as lectures.

Bonwell, C.C., & Eison, J.A. (1991). Active learning: Creating excitement in the classroom. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Nishikawa, J. (2015). Introduction to active learning. Tokyo: Meiji Tosyo Syuppan.
受講料 Admission fee 無料 free(要予約 reservation required)
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アクションリサーチ実践集2017 Action Research Report 2017


In 2017, 3 junior high school teachers, 3 senior high school teachers and 6 university teachers did their action researches. Their reports are below.

アクションリサーチのすすめ Action Research

「英語が好きな子供を育てる 魔法のタスク ~小学校英語のために~」

「英語が好きな子供を育てる 魔法のタスク ~小学校英語のために~」(NUFS英語教育シリーズ)佐藤一嘉・矢後智子(編著)が名古屋外国語大学出版会より刊行されました。(2,500円+税)








著者はペ ンシルヴァニア大学名誉教授、米国応用言語学会の前会長で、第二言語習得のためのコミュニカティブ・ランゲージ・ティーチング(CLT)研究の権威であるサンドラ・サヴィニョン。訳者は佐藤一嘉 他2名。






1. 中学校におけるパフォーマンステストの実践
2. 高等学校におけるパフォーマンステストの実践


「フォーカス・オン・フォーム」石飛典子先生(中学校)/ 久代美和子先生(高校)
「スキルインテグレーション 4技能の統合」平野充先生(高校)
「英語授業を変えるパフォーマンス・テスト」①中学校におけるパフォーマンステストの実践 ②高校におけるパフォーマンステストの実践


The organizer of NUFS workshop, Prof. Sato and our members, Ms. Yukimi Fukumoto, Ms. Noriko Okuda, Mr. Mitsuru Hirano, Ms. Noriko Ishitobi, Ms. Miwako Kushiro and Ms. Keiko Takahashi have released wonderful DVDs which show how action research or performance tests works showing model lessons and the result in detail. (These DVDs are in Japanese.)



明治図書  アマゾン